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Why dig on this pool ?

we are not attacked and we work non stop without any stoppages (what sadly happens to the biggest pools)
because we are most lucky pool all over the World :)!

 Please payout all fund from our mine !

Due unexpected situation we are forced to make some major upgrades. In this case we cannot allow to storage long-term significent founds in our walet. Please use Your own wallet.

More information on forum
 Server api is offline

Due unexpected situation we are forced to take mining server offline.

More information on forum
 Changes and new things

In the meantime, a lot of basic work, which is not directly visible, but can stably operate the mine. Quite strongly in the last few months we have been able to develop. But it had to be server side development.
With things visible appeared, among others, some changes in viewing statistics and charts, escrow mechanism (protection purchase / sale)

More information, as usual on forum
  A lot of new things !

Still we are biggest (and longest existing!) with mine cryptocoins in the country.
Many things from the last fast remained changed and improved. Both in terms of the safety as well as the running speed.

Suming up a few functions which appeared or changed in the recent time in the polmine.pl mine:
  • new address of digging: api.polmine.pl
  • SMS notifying of significant events (log-on, payment, stopping the digger and other)
  • increasing the safety through additional e-mail confirmations, SMS, other mechanisms
  • upgraded BTC mechanisms (both dynamic and manual selecting the problem), improvement in calculating online
  • amendments in the mechanism merged mining, BTC + NMC
  • upgraded Litecoin mechanism (LTC)
  • Dogecoin introduction (DOGE Ɖ) host: api.polmine.pl of postages: 9547
  • mechanism of the sale and the division of profit/shares from the digger
  • automatic LTC/NMC/DOGE exchange for BTC according to the course from btc-e (NMC/LTC) or cryptsy (DOGE)
  • and a few other smaller or of the biggest changes, improvements, optimization
  • new servers - what came off thanks to to get the high reliability and the stability still

Of course many things will still be streamlined and changed, we are trying all the time to develop new functions and to improve already existing. Many already prepared matters of mum for queue and they will be successively implemented on production servers. There are also many works associated with everyday matters in the mine (updates, servicing, audits itp etc.)

If necessary we are requesting information on the mine forum (what we can more quickly react and adapt thanks to what it is necessary to needs).

They wish the great mine output and the stable connection

more and here
2013-09-28 23:01
 Share your machine or redeem shares in other - earn additionally!

Thanks to the mechanism of transferring shares, you can resell the part of shares in your machine, or make a profit more if you decide to buy the part of the power from another person.

You can also invest from other into one strong equipment, but the thanks for mechanism built in in our mines, profits automatically will be trasfered to accounts of participants in investment.

2012-06-15 18:52
 Reward system changed to SMPPS

We are changing reward system to SMPPS (Shared Maximum Pay Per Share). It's same like PPS (Pay Per Share), but mining pool will never pays more than it earns. This is for protect against the loss of profitability of our mining pool.

2012-06-04 20:00
 PPS - 1% fee

Starting today, Polmine will enable 1% Fee for Orphaned Blocks and secure our mine.

2012-06-04 20:00
 New software introduced

2012-04-30 07:25
 PPS - 0% fee

PPS without fee !

2011-12-11 13:36
 Last occasion to earn some BitCOins without fees !

In three days from today, at 8 PM on 14-12-2011, an extra fee of 2% will be introduced. Shares will be calculated according to the following formula (1/difficulty) * 49*quantity of shares.
more information
2011-12-06 08:24
 We are PPS now ! 100% free, no fee

This payment system is not vulnerable to pool-hopping, so You can earn more !
Current share value 0.000000000171736 BTC
more information
2011-07-27 8:05
 We are developing, we reached the level of 200Gh/s

So we have new design, We achieved to reach the proper level - not for the first time. We found the next blocks. After elaborating some details on the website (which you suggested on the forum) We're innitiating the promotion abroad.
2011-07-24 22:31
The new design please check !

On http://polmine.pl/new/ you May find the new design of the website. You may here both complain ;p and compliment! tutaj You may here both complain ;p and compliment!
2011-07-23 05:35
Let’s make some business! – the additional job for the committed miners

There are many of us – and tere will be more. We have plenty of ideas and much willingness. So why not to earn more? We encourage the people interested in developing our projects to the collaboration and to exchange the ideas. here

Może być ciekawie :P
2011-07-22 23:05
the payments after 50 confirmations

We decided, after consulting this with you, to introduce the payments after 50 confirmations. This option is tested, if it succeeds, it will stay permanently.Everything depends on the number of people interested in digging. If the tendency remains constant, we may lower this level. That is why we encourage all minors to dig! Invite your friends above 200 G and we’ll reduce the level to 30 or even 20.
We will see :)
2011-07-21 8:33
– are we going to reach 200 G? Do you best, brothers miners!

The development of the pool is going well, the average power increases every day. We are slowly approaching the level of 180 G, maybe we’ll be soon able to reach 200G, that would be something :)

The Server Works stable and fast and more and more minors join us!
If you need more information or support, please write your post on the forum, we’ll do our best to include all the suggestions
2011-07-16 7:31
the updated programming, LP returned

To accelerate and improve the digging, the new programme version has been introduced and the server has been restarted. The digging factor has improved as well :) Restarting the diggers – if someone wants to have a clear situation and watch how it is to dig in a new way :P And remember… the administrator keeps watch! Please let us know about any problem
2011-07-15 06:29
API is broadened and we find next blocks

Additional data have been added to the API mechanism (collecting data with JSON). Everything’s going fine and fast, we’re getting new blocks.
2011-06-26 09:11
All in order,we're expanding and going into the world

In the next few days few new thing will be completed. Thanks to it we will sail into the high seas. Everything works stable and all looks fine, we leave few more days for testing to make and making sure that nothing else is left hanging over our heads, then we take we will our mine into the deep waters. :)
2011-06-24 12:21
Expansion of functions and security

As requested by our dear users functionality and security of account management was expanded. The procedure to change your BTC address is following:
  1. in space “New BitCoin address:” write new address which you would like to set up
  2. click on “enter new address” in order to enter new address
  3. an email will be sent automatically to your e-mail address given during registration
  4. you need to check your email and click on the link you receive or copy and paste it to your web browser (this is very important step and you have to go through it)
  5. if you managed to complete above step (mail and clicking on the received link) then
  6. new address should appear in the space “to address:”
  7. now you can make the transfers....
comments, approval and remarks you can give tutaj
2011-06-22 11:11
Free Payments !

Rules of payments:

- minimum amount for instant payment: 0.5 BTC
- you can do up to 3 payments a day
- transferring of BTC is free of charge ! (and will probably remain this way?)
For more details and comments we invite you to the forum forum
2011-06-18 23:11
Next two blocks are in for all diggers to share :)

Seems next gold series has began !

As per free mining, for reasons beyond our control (structure of bitcoin protocol and bitcoin client itself) adding the option of free mining is significantly impeded, we are working to resolve this issue.

It would be nice if fellow miners looked up the net for already developed patches for the bitcoin client which provide options of much slower but free BTC transfers.

We ask you to paste any tips in this topic on our forum here here

We will have the opportunity to see what the most active forum users have relevant to contribute :)

We await with anticipation :)

Want free mining ?! Throw something to make it happen !
2011-06-17 22:23
All in good order, it’s raining blocks in here (gold series)

blocks are broken one after another, calculations and staticits amended, payments are working (as well as account for donations 13kRstbpb9GNhq72q9Ki8YQpRD54k44x7h, server like a thirsty miner needs both power and internet)
2011-06-17 14:00
Statistics and 30Ghash, not to bad

We managed to clear the statistics a bit (those still require bigger expansion and more speed, but we can see something concrete is beginning to show up) Pool is almost reaching to 30G !
2011-06-17 12:00
BTCs ready for pick up

Transferred, in case of any problems or claims please direct to the forum here
2011-06-16 22:02:13

We still need to wait for the confirmation and we’ll be able to start the payment system tests.This opportunity will never happen again, you can take part in generating of the very fist BTCs in history of this pool.
2011-06-15 12:22

Accounts which will be active during extraction of the first packet of BTCs, not only will be able to pride themselves to be a part of new born moment in history, but also will be for all eternity free from any fees for mining in this pool. Fees may be implemented in the future (but certainly not higher then on the other pools) but the miners which will be with us in those first moments will have everything for free.
w sprawie promocji i szczęśliwców którzy się załapali zapraszamy na forum tutaj a razie
2011-06-14 13:00
So, we launch :)

Pool was initiated, first willing to dig connected

BCX: 1791.00 (BTC/PLN)
BTC-E: 453.00 (BTC/USD)
BS: 457.09 (BTC/USD)


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